Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mundanespotting Asimov's February 2011

Posted by frankh at 8:44 AM
Although the March issue is already out, at least I am ahead of the calendar for the moment.

1) "Out of the Dream Closet" by David Ira Cleary -- technology looks like magic or psi or whatever in the apparently far future
2) "Waster Mercy" by Sara Grange -- post-apocalyptic sociology
3) "Planet of the Sealies" by Jeff Carlson -- clever story about future archaeology
4) "Shipbirth" by Aliette de Bodard -- alternate history
5) "Brother Sleep" by Tim McDaniel -- what if for those who can afford it, the disease of sleepiness has been cured? otherwise a story about Thai kids in college featuring excellent dialog
6) "Eve of Beyond" by Bill Pronzini & Barry N. Malzberg -- future corporate politics; not enough sf content to satisfy my mundanespotting sense of the moment
7) "The Choice" by Paul McAuley -- aliens

A nice harvest, and I'm even tempted to look for other works from these authors.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering what's so often called sf, would there be _any_ "sf content" in a realistic (or naturalistic) glimpse of the future?

1/29/2011 12:45:00 PM  

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