Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More Science Links

Posted by Trent Walters at 6:05 PM
Sadly, Melissa Kaplan's Herp and Green Iguana Information site is already gone. Fortunately, Google has cached the site. For an example of some of the cool info, here's her list of words relating to all things animal and how words for similar aspects--i.e. offspring--change from species to species. Now shuttles you off to a cheesy veterinarian site.

Sim Forest: Simulate the life of a forest. Visualizing an evolving ecology like this gives a better sense of what shapes an ecosystem:
"Students can plant trees from a pool of over 30 New England species, set environmental parameters such as rain fall, temperature, and soil conditions, and watch the forest plot grow and evolve over many years."

Dancing chemistry: See chemicals animate before your very eyes! Chemists love funky demonstrations (i.e. collapsing a 55 gallon drum by allowing steam inside to cool although some are less interesting than others). Again, visualizing is always a great way to learn science.

All about bones (kid version): While you're there, have someone creep you out by having him read Robert Frost's bones poem (Frost was a horror writer yearning to break free). You can't say "The bones" without me thinking of this poem [commentary].

The least interesting--or at least too dry to find out if its interesting--U.S.'s toxicity database.