Monday, December 13, 2004

More Finnish Commentary

Posted by Trent Walters at 9:22 PM
Finland fellow, Antti_O, can be found commenting here at Babek Nabel, translated thus:
"Only this hook glorious accurate smart link. Unsettling notice."

I think the translation needs to be translated, but it sounds good. We can deal with unsettling.

Marko, however, sounds like he didn't care as much for the concept:
"What some thou Mundanelta really predictable? Jotain lamentable räpellystäkö?"

Finnish champion, Antti responds:
"Dangerously say right luulin actually concluding Mundanen by onko because? ), only jouduinkin Geoff Rymanin and whose muiden Dogma - bye-law armoille. Which olivat much engrossing."

Marko wrote:
"Mundane never but odotuksiasi. Luuletko , that we antaisimme thee (and näille muille), some while laadukkaan, only tietenkin counterfeit link? Indeed Mundane is verity , only counterfeit butter be accurate and Perry Rhodes NO ache tobacco! Toivottavasti tämä selvitti jotain. "

"I stand corrected. Probe be astute and goolasin Mundanea suomeksi and primarily pääsin Babel Nabekiin. Hence since en yritä trifle Mundanen too."

That's right, Antti. Tell it like it is... unless you're not telling it like it is, in which case, don't tell it like it isn't.