Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Mundanista News Wrap-up

Posted by A. at 10:57 AM
- Early signs might be pointing to a new Eco-Patents Commons movement taking shape soon. Via eco-geek:

Inspired by open source movement behind Creative Commons and the Linux OS, the WBCSD and these companies believe that by sharing patents that reduce pollution and waste, they will provide a spawning ground for new collaborations in efficiency and sustainability.

And this is just the beginning of this kind of intellectual property sharing – other corporations with environmental technology are being actively recruited to join the Eco-Patent Commons.

- Kite powered ship to cross the Atlantic. I remember Paolo's 'Yellow Card Man' vaguely referencing the future return of clipper ships in the post-oil world. Oh, and speaking of Paolo, he’s going to be on Wired Science’s blog Science Fiction Friday tomorrow.

- A new documentary called "Flow" just premiered at Sundance, about water profiteering, one of the biggest growth industries in the world as access to drinking water becomes more scarce. They call for a UN resolution declaring access to clean drinking water a human right. At the same time, an exhibit at NYC Museum of Natural History showcases coming global water shortage.

- Hey guys, did you know that apparently the U.S. economy is in the shitter? Well now some crank at Intel (what would he know about economics?) claims that we need to invest in something called "science" to get out of it. Several critics tried crunching the numbers to see if he was right before they then remembered that we Americans can't do math anymore.

- A new study finds that rich nations have caused 1.8 trillion dollars in environmental damage to the third world. The third world didn't immediately return requests for comment on the story, since they're all fucking dead.

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