Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekly Mundanista News Wrap-up

Posted by A. at 8:18 PM
I'm trying out a new feature here, let me know what you guys think:

-What!?! You mean my 30 horsepower diesel powered leaf blower isn't actually environmentally friendly? New studies are showing that 'greenwashing' marketing may be the biggest openly deceptive marketing practice since 'more doctors smoke lucky strikes than any other brand'. According to numbers by the Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Trade Commission, of the 1,018 claims made, only one was found not to be complete stinking horseshit. And the FTC isn't too jazzed. They're now introducing new guidelines to reduce the levels of disinformation in ads from 'insulting' to merely 'brazen'. And since the guidelines are voluntary, we know they'll be followed.

-2007 declared the most insane year for weather ever. Hottest year on record in the northern hemisphere, in the US nearly 8,000 new highs were recorded in the month of August alone, record droughts in Australia coincided with record rainfall in China and England, all records for melting ice in the arctic were broken, ice sheets and Greenland and permafrost in Alaska melted to the lowest in recorded history. I think that's the most time I've ever said record in one sentence.

-Loss of deep sea biodiversity in the ocean predicted to cause global eco-collapse.

-It looks like climate change was in fact partly responsible for the natural disasters that plagued Latin America this year. This comes after a report from Oxfam earlier this year, tying global warming to the 4x increase in natural disasters that are hurting the developing world the hardest.

-The U.S. Military, long-haired tree-huggers that they are, are now determined to be on the front lines of alternative energy, with only completely benevolent purposes in mind of course. Two stories broke, one with the military looking into space based solar power, and the other with the Air Force intending to begin the switch to synthetic fuels.


Anonymous Steve said...

Speaking of crazy weather, I heard that Antarctica had a record maximum ice cover.

12/31/2007 03:26:00 AM  
Blogger meika said...

snowfall in the short to middle term is expected to increase because as the atmosphere warms winds increase in speed, those winds circulating around Antarctica make a barrier to warm air reaching precipitation areas, whereas on the bit of Antartica which pokes up into these warmer winds everything is melting.

the US military are actually looking at a way of controlling energy supply, for if everyone contributed to the grid via their solar voltaic roof the military would find it difficult to control supply, also a huge microwave platform from space would also make a wonderful weapon...

1/08/2008 01:03:00 PM  
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