Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don't waste your time on this blog

Posted by goatchurch at 8:29 AM
Every so often someone points me to something they think I'll like. Today it was this blog post about Liberation Hydrology.
[T]he main problem I have with using maps... [to show Climate Change is that they] are actually so evocative, and so imaginatively stimulating, that it's hard not to get at least a tiny thrill at the idea that you might get to see these things happen.

Nothing against Miami, but all of south Florida under several meters of water? With Cape Canaveral lost under a subtropical lagoon and St. Petersburg an archipelago?

The problem, it seems, is that climate change scientists, in describing these unearthly terrestrial reorganizations, are science fictionalizing, so to speak, our everyday existence. The implicit, if inadvertant, message here seems to be: hey, south Floridians, and all you who are bored of the world today, sick of all the parking lots and the 7-11s, tired of watching Cops, tired of applying to colleges you don't really want to go to, tired of credit card debt and bad marriages, don't worry.

This will all be underwater soon.

It could be called liberation hydrology.

Climate change becomes an adventure – the becoming-science-fiction of everyday life.
Then comes the down-side...
Instead, it would seem, you have to point out quality of life issues: you might starve to death, for instance, as organized agriculture and food distribution chains are interrupted. Malnourished, your teeth will fall out and your hair will grow thin. You may be living in a refugee camp, with neither privacy nor close friends nor personal safety. The governments of the world may have collapsed, overwhelmed by the logistical burden of displaced populations and by the loss of the world's economic centers, like NY, London, and Shanghai; there will thus be no police; you might be physically assaulted on a regular basis. There will be rats, roaches, and rivers of human sewage – followed closely by disease, infection, infant mortality, and premature death. And you won't just be able to drive away, leaving the catastrophe behind – because the roads will be potholed, without a government to fix them, and your car will probably have been stolen, anyway. Clean water will be a luxury; you'll be drinking radiator water out of abandoned pick-up trucks, rusting on the sides of highways outside St. Louis.
Aside from being much better written, BLDG|BLOG is full of gorgeous images every month.

I want it in the blogroll along with the Futurismic blog so people can click through to the good stuff. But someone won't let me have the password.


Blogger Armchair Anarchist said...

BLDGBLOG is superb, but appears to be an acquired taste - I've plugged it relentlessly in the past, but people seem to switch off as soon as they see the word 'architecture'. A crying shame.

Oh, and as Futurismic's non-fiction editor, I should thank you for the regular mentions here, and say that we really are working hard on getting the fiction back up and running. Like all volunteer-run organisations, we're short on time and money, but we're getting there ... :)

11/16/2007 03:11:00 AM  
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