Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last day now

Posted by goatchurch at 5:12 PM
It's October 31 in Liverpool where I live. I have foolishly promised to read everything submitted in this final week in time to go to Novacon. Geoff has been doing a sterling job keeping on top of it until now. I am concerned I have let myself in for a mad rush at the end as all the writers polish their work until the last minute before sending it in.

I am not very fast reading, but try to read to the end of most of stories, so it's taking a lot of time. Every story is a different world, and sometimes it's difficult to forget the world of one when I move on to the next. If I lose my focus I have to start again from the top when I realize that in this world the theme is over-population, because in the previous world everyone had been wiped out by a virus.

We're not sending out rejections till next week when we've had a chance to review each other's opinions. I haven't got a way of automating it. I have included some notes to send back to the authors in the comments. Maybe they'll make sense, maybe they won't when I paste them into the emails. Who knows? It's my first time.

The site will be going down sometime during tomorrow night. There might be a delay as I work out how to do the http# redirect codes, but hopefully nothing gets lost.


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