Tuesday, January 30, 2007

People Peer in at Mundane SF

Posted by Trent Walters at 11:26 PM
Someone in Azerbaijan found us by searching for "barons as a fuel in future" and found this. (Someone in Beijing also translated us.)

Alasdair Stuart has written a very reasonable article for Coyote Wild. Unfortunately, most of my replies have been scattered or lost on defunct websites, so Alasdair may have missed my response to the unexpectedness of future science. Of course, science will change in the future. And so will MSF. MSF may be the most challenging form of genre fiction because it asks "Is this probable?" The writer cannot rely on any eye-candy because it looks cool. Every reflexive trope has to be re-evaluated. Of course, as hard SF writers know, this is nigh impossible. So be it. If nothing else, MSF should make it writers think about each gimmick before tossing it into the fictional stew.

Of course, we appreciate Alasdair Stuart's taking such a considerate approach, weighing each argument carefully.


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