Monday, January 29, 2007

Posted by Trent Walters at 8:43 PM
The garage will park your car for you (packing nearly three times the number of cars under your apartment).

One key to resolving Greenhouse may lie within Siberian peet moor:

With this new method the researcher could also clearly show that non-drained peatlands will eventually be extremely important net storage areas for greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, even in the case of global warming.

If global warming and the northward shift of bioclimate zones continue, however, then the peat moorlands will enhance the greenhouse effect says Borren.

When we age, we get silent (undetected) strokes, leading to memory loss.

Some excitement over Titan's methane lakes: It has a cycle like earth's rain.

Death DNA so that scientists might one day construct "a 'suicide gene' to code for deadly amino acid primes. It could be attached to genetically modified organisms and activated to destroy them at a later date if they turned out to be dangerous, Hampikian suggests."

Jonathan Lethem is giving his stories away to filmakers for a dollar.


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