Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Posted by Trent Walters at 1:31 AM
What's going on in Australia:

They're playing air guitar that plays real music.

They're searching for ways to use less water in the showers (combining water with air) and on their gardens (turns out people use about 4x more than they need):

Gene therapy is not dead, apparently: It is being used for memory & now has a delivery vehicle.

What your granny ate may affect the activity of your genes.

Lying may affect true memories.

China projected to pass US in emissions earlier than expected.

Finally, body morphology may affect the brain. It may be that this places further limits on intelligent life elsewhere. (although their thoughts are aimed at AI):

"well-coordinated and learned actions of the robots created additional structure in their own sensory inputs. This additional structure may be used by the brain to more efficiently process information."

(Which may be another way for those dastardly neat-freaks to believe they control the world.)


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