Monday, July 10, 2006

Campbell Conference Reports

Posted by Trent Walters at 3:30 PM
Paolo Bacigalupi [2nd link includes photo] won the Sturgeon. His award-winning story, "The Calorie Man," is up for a Hugo as well and available on the F&SF webite. Paolo has a story out on High Country News (free-trial registration may be required). The story, "The Tamarisk Hunter," he said, needs to be revised for an SF audience as this version was written more for those familiar with HCN [an editorial explaining its background why they chose to publish SF].

Robert Sawyer won the Campbell. Cheryl Morgan expresses an oblique disapproval of the Campbell-award winner, but the award is debated by some of the top minds in the field.

Congrats to both winners.

Upcoming posts will be notes from the Campbell Conference. The CSSF website plans on posting at least two speeches.

The CSSF must be one of the more active advocates for increasing genre boundaries. Perhaps one of the more interesting projects CSSF is undertaking is the AboutSF program, which has a wiki for teachers at all levels to upload or download course materials and Accelerated Reader tests. One teacher claimed to have had a bit of trouble, though I see someone has managed to post something. If you're a teacher, give 'er a try.


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