Monday, July 10, 2006

Notes from a speech by Lou Anders

Posted by Trent Walters at 1:38 PM
The actual speech is supposed to appear on the CSSF website, later--just in case I mis-transcribed.
Beginning: back door -- media, pitched screenplays
Online publishing startup:
Live Without a Net -- 2 years, critical hit (Dozois, Hartwell)
Prometheus -- secular humanist publisher, Center for Inquiry, science & philosophy
-- therefore, SF is a natural fit for them
--8 titles/season -- compliment Prometheus agenda -- Real SF commitment
--Robert Charles Wilson: “human contingency.” World = different place. Could have been different than is. And will be different. Need to utilize imagination.”
SF = skepticism, rationalism, opens mind to notion of change
Quote from Dozois’ introduction to “Galileo’s Children”
SF not just escapism. Even Star Wars opens wonders of universe.
Epic fantasies are most popular
Shrinking midlist -- pressure to produce next S. King
Harder to be smarter than merely competent
Publishing smart fiction is chancy
Predominately SF, pitched as a little higher than most SF
“Pure quill SF” -- not to stray into slipstream. Smart SF audience.
If you build it, will they come?
Pronounce as pyre or pier (Greek word for fire, related to “Prometheus books”)
National distribution thru Prometheus
Archival quality editions
Name authors, & new authors (published in magazines)
One classic reprint/season
Response = 290 reviews since March 2005 (<10 were negative) SF Site --“leading imprint in field”
Asimov’s -- “quasi-movement”

Ian McDonald -- Brasyl -- multiple worlds, alternate history, “Bladerunner in the tropics”
Adam Roberts -- Gradisil -- political
Joel Shepherd -- Breakaway


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