Thursday, March 17, 2005

News to read

Posted by Trent Walters at 9:51 AM
I no longer have a reliable internet connection, and life has been busy, but I have saved a bundle of interesting Mundane links, which I'll try to organize in the near future. is a fascinating blog to read. They posted on Bruce Sterling's and WorldChanging editor Alex Steffen's speeches to SXSW about creating a sustainable society. goes into the side column for reading on Mundane futures.

The universal constructor is [almost] here, Physorg reports. Just add plastic and alloy. It's the size of a refrigerator but doesn't do microchips or glass (a digital camera would require you to add those yourself).

The first hydrogen car should be available for purchase in 2012, says Reuters at Yahoo News. "[T]echnical obstacles to overcome [include] extending fuel cells' reliability and durability; ensuring that they start at sub-freezing temperatures; reducing costs, and storing enough hydrogen in a small enough space to be workable."

One critic speaks out against using ethanol as a renewable fuel (this assumes that the corn grown has no additional use than ethanol production--an assumption I do not know where to go to investigate and an assumption which is hopefully accounted for in its publication). My favorite question of his is:

"Can engineers double the mileage of these cars?" he asks. "If so, we can cut down the petroleum consumption in the US by one-third."

This request comes none too soon as one expert in Bottomline/Personal claims that gas will be going up to $8/gallon within the next decade.


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