Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Transatlantic Tunnel--Hoax or Possibility?

Posted by Trent Walters at 6:08 AM
An SF writer pointed to a site promoting the Transatlantic Tunnel. It sounds like a hoax but the Discovery Channel makes a case for it under the heading: Extreme Engineering. The tunnel has been in the imagination for a time: in film and fiction. These data indicate that there is both desire and ability to construct one.

However, the BBC radio had experts discussing the possibility (the latter half of the program), and they make it sound like a somewhat plausible yet spectacular feat to accomplish. The site claims 2009 as a target date, and surely such a future is highly unlikely. They'd have to have been much farther along to reach that target, not to mention that news agencies haven't even blurbed such an event. So hoax? For the near term. Possibile future? If it's a matter of engineering, why not?


Aside: The same BBC program discusses the international fusion project, ITER, whose hope it is to create a sustainable fusion reaction, which with a bit of water and lithium is hoped to provide relatively cheap, plentiful and environmentally safe energy. There was some controversy over where the lab site would be, but it sounds like France as they were quite unmovable. Let's hope the rest of the project's future demonstrates great strides in future cooperation.