Wednesday, April 05, 2006

“Bea and her Bird Brother” by Gene Wolfe [F&SF, May ‘06]

Posted by Trent Walters at 7:26 AM
Bea’s father tells her of another world where she was born--one of human-size bird creatures that humans can mate and raise children with. While it feels a bit predictable, this has nice moments, well captured.

Not Mundane SF (not Mundane, or mundane, or SF). I’ll try to resist the urge to say, "If only he’d tried to do a Mundane story, instead!"

Here’s Trent’s sock puppet interview in which he pretends his sock puppet is actually Wolfe himself (you can play along at home by putting an old white sock on your hand with two buttons stitched where your knuckles would be):

Trent: How come you don’t write Mundane SF?

Wolfe Sock-Puppet: Caw, pieces of eight.

T: How come you sound like a parrot?

WSP: Because my story was about birds, bird-brain.


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