Monday, June 20, 2005

Mundane News

Posted by Trent Walters at 4:47 PM
Did you know that John Linnell of They Might Be Giants was one of the major players behind The Mundanes?

Japan hopes to build a moonbase manned by robots.

Oxygen may be yet another limiting factor for developing life on other planets.

Jared Diamond gave a great talk for City Arts & Lectures. He said he was Mundane material--that is, while he's not against space exploration, he thought that the money might be better spent on AIDS and malaria. (By the way, I highly recommend his books despite the minor critique of five pages.)

Tobias Buckell points out methane-powered airliners (the same fellow describes how to make biodiesel), ethanol-spiked gas in Brazil via sugar cane, and fluoride glass made in space that would provide better fiber optics.

Maude Barlow also had a great Chatauqua lecture on loss of fresh water resources.

Physicists uncover forces of nature at nanoscales.

Wind parks at sea can reduce costs of renewable energy. (This has the added benefit of allowing foolhardy fowl, that wander through the park, to be recycled as fish food.)

Climate change may affect speciation.